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    Sukanto Tanoto yang terlahir dengan nama Tan Kang Hoo merupakan seorang pengusaha atau konglomerat sukses asal Indonesia yang memulai usaha

    in Indonesia by Tania Bae
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    Ce projet vise à faire bénéficier aux enfants du village de Nkoldjobé des meilleures conditions d'éducation

    in Cameroon by Yves ONANA
    Publishing, Education
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    Hubungan antara Ibu dan anak dapat berlangsung dengan baik jika komunikasi dan kasih sayang yang bisa terjaga. Namun sebaliknya, kesenjangan

    in Indonesia by Tri Haryadi
    Non-governmental organization, Art, Education
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    Offrez une journée d’initiation au street art, à la création alternative et à l’univers des studios à 30 lycéens de milieux défavorisés.

    in France by BdA et CEC Ecole CentraleSupelec
    Non-governmental organization, Film & Video, Publishing, Social Science, Society & Culture, Entertainment, Regional, Education, News & Media
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    Rémunération de la réalisation et maintenance du site pour les sorties, rencontres autour d'un sujet, mise en ligne de films, organisation

    in France by ASC Amitiés Sorties Chrétiennes
    Education, Technology, Business & Economy
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    To collect tuition fees for the Spring semester 2015 at Jönköping School of Engineering by offering IT services to Swedish companies

    in Sweden by Appu George
    Society & Culture, Education, Business & Economy
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    Establish a credit and reward system in which the students can ex-change.Also, for certain amounts of paper, you can get a certain discount

    in Sweden by Gaëtan Edjidjimo
    Social Science, Education, Technology
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    It makes your teaching and learning smarter.

    in Sweden by Yongjia Duan
    Non-governmental organization, Travelling, Food, Society & Culture, Regional, Education, Business & Economy
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    A kitchen equipment package for exchange students that will be returned after their stay, to enable continuous re-use.

    in Sweden by Camilla Hallbrant
    Non-governmental organization, Health, Society & Culture, Education, Business & Economy
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    Students receive bikes for free (during their semesters) that are fully financed by selling mobile and green marketing located on the bike.

    in Sweden by Victor Jacobson