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    A l'Hôpital des Enfants de Margency, rendons Noël encore plus féérique grâce à la venue d'un magicien !

    in France by Initiatives Enfance Solidarité ESSEC
    Non-governmental organization, Film & Video, Publishing, Social Science, Society & Culture, Entertainment, Regional, Education, News & Media
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    Rémunération de la réalisation et maintenance du site pour les sorties, rencontres autour d'un sujet, mise en ligne de films, organisation

    in France by ASC Amitiés Sorties Chrétiennes
    Non-governmental organization
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    Dispositif d’accompagnement pour faciliter l’accès à des stages en entreprises pour les jeunes en situation de handicap de la 3eme au BAC+2.

    in France by FACE Paris
    Non-governmental organization
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    Heavy rainfall in the last few days have led to great floodings in the Balkans, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina are especially severely hit.

    in Serbia by Maria Beradovic
    Non-governmental organization, Society & Culture, Business & Economy
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    L’objectif du projet est d'appuyer les populations réfugiées dans leur recherche des éléments nécessaires à la production du savon d'Alep.

    in France by Anass Rohaimi
    Non-governmental organization, Society & Culture, Regional
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    Helping people in need is as convenient as one click to round your payment to a higher amount your choice in every retail store in Sweden.

    in Sweden by Niklas Walinski
    Non-governmental organization, Food, Society & Culture, Technology, Business & Economy
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    A cleaner & greener snack dispenser. A start-up company by Malin Palm, Viktoria Poposka, Ana Petrovic and Paulina Malko.

    in Sweden by Malin Palm
    Non-governmental organization, Travelling, Food, Society & Culture, Regional, Education, Business & Economy
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    A kitchen equipment package for exchange students that will be returned after their stay, to enable continuous re-use.

    in Sweden by Camilla Hallbrant
    Non-governmental organization, Health, Society & Culture, Education, Business & Economy
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    Students receive bikes for free (during their semesters) that are fully financed by selling mobile and green marketing located on the bike.

    in Sweden by Victor Jacobson
    Non-governmental organization, Science
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    Our product is alternative to plastic planting pot which will be made by biodegradable, environmental friendly and fertilising materials.

    in Sweden by Saran Thamrongwang