Project Summary

    Grab Your Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag Through Soo Santai

    Soo Santai company created indoor outdoor bean bag with best quality of materials from its waterproof polyester.

    A bean bag offers lots of benefits for your body and its multifunctional along with its luxury & great colourful looks. As this bean bag is exclusively created for your indoor and outdoor activities, Soo Santai company created a bean bag with best quality of materials from its waterproof polyester, sun resistance which means the bright vibrant colours the bean bag is not going to fade after long times of outdoor activity. Furthermore, Soo santai bean bags also treated with oil proof and dustproof to make it very easy to clean, so you don’t ever need to worried about after the rough outdoor activities it just going to takes you only few seconds to clean it up into the original bright clean looking. Also, we make sure the safety reason of this bean bag, especially, for the underage kids as they like to playing around the living room and makes them able to enjoy on how good it feels to seat in a very comfortable bean bag. We ensure the security through the secure lock zipper, so everyone could be able relax on this comfy bag.

    "Furthermore, the bean bag that we provided is consisted of 5/7mm polystyrene beans in which, it will makes you feel so comfortable when you are sitting on it."

    Mood Enhancing Colors

    We provide bean bag with lots of variety of colors, we selected all of the eye catching colors and simply by looking at those colors your mood is going to be enhanced automatically. Moreover, this bean bag is very flexible as its very easy to move, so you could be able to takes your bean bag through into wherever your journey is. 

    Different models of Bean bag for different purposes

    We also provide different types of bean bag it’s all depending upon your preferences and purposes, there are 4 types of different bags, square - most of this type of bag is used for a hotel, restaurant and bar, triangle - this type of bag is used for garden, bar, bedroom and living room, novelty - is most suited for library and kids as the models is like a normal chair so you could be able to seat properly while reading a book and kids could be able to seat safely on this bag and extra-large - is proposed for larger rooms and swimming pools as you could be able floating above the water while laying down or even taking rest. Therefore, get your bean bag at Soo Santai as we provide the most comfy bag with different type of bags and high quality materials.

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