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    The Booz Market

    « Booz Market » ! A solution to revolutionize clubs and discos!

    "Booz Market" can revolutionize clubs and discos!

    The studies showed that the screens in night clubs are underutilized.

    The screens are a great way to communicate with customers, as visual advertising can attract the attention of consumers in a millisecond.

    "Boozmarket" is a product which allows to highlight some campaigns for a defined period of time and display it on all your screens.

    "Boozmarket" is a simple and ergonomic application that allows the user to:

    - Set the name of the promotion (name of cocktail or beverage)
    - Set the price or reduction
    - Set the time of the promotion
    - Define one or more campaigns

    Support us for mutual benefits :

    - Clubs with stimulating the activity!

    - Consummers with getting lower prices for their drinks!