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    Can I Get a Fire?

    You light your cigarettes the same as you light up a match. It is as simple as that.

    The problem:

    “I have a display of at least 15 lighters at home, some at office and they are getting more”

    “I hate rainy and windy days, I couldn’t even light my cig!”


    Our Solution:

    We offer manufacturing solutions to cigarette companies so that traditional cigarettes could be light up as a match. It is the first time one can smoke without depending on a lighter.

    Our Customers:

    All major cigarette producing companies worldwide.

    Excluding: cigar manufactures, self-rolled cigarettes producers and lady cigarettes producers.



    •The matching scratch should endure for at least 23 cigarettes

    •The matching scratch should be pasted on the top inner side of the cigarette pack while the head of the cigarette remain facing down. (No risk of two adhesive material meeting  each other and cause a fire.)

    •The fraction of cigarette adhesive should not cause a fire.

    •The cigarette adhesive should resist temperature from -30°C to +60° c

    •The adhesive should not contain hazardous chemical contents (green & bio)