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What is missing? A Financial Social Platform

Makers & Bankers connects people to their heartfelt projects and bring them to life, nearby and around the world.

Everything in life is a project: Organizing an event with friends, launching a startup, helping people or realizing a creative work. The world is full of projects that once looked great but were never completed. Now we need to finance and support them. While some banks may see them as risky, we see them bright, because they push the human race forward.

Who We are

Makers & Bankers is a Financing and social Crowdfunding platform offering a refined alternative to bring to life individual creators ideas and projects. We believe in the creative potential of each of the Makers, but above all in the altruistic nature of mankind, that is the principal practice of concern for the welfare of others. Today it is evident that the richness of our society lies in its people and not in its banks!

Our Vision

Our aim is to offer people with ideas the opportunity to escape traditional financing which is no longer in line with creativity. In concrete terms we put creative people in touch with their communities to start with in order to finance their projects and ideas, because it is only through sharing and exchanging that we can bring a real wealth to the whole community. Obviously in doing so we will make sure to break down the waiting time, which is in fact is just another obstacle to creativity.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the fact that we believe above all in the altruism of each and every man. Who better than those around you to economically support your financial needs on a daily basis? There is no need and it is risky to go with 20% interest rates when simply asking those around one is enough. This is why we are giving the community of Makers & Bankers the means to organize their financial operations from funding projects to the short-term (kitty, loans and tontine) with 0% commission. We hope to bring an end to financial operators who do not hesitate to take their percentage of transactions. We hope to create value for the whole community.

Makers & Bankers is the welfare creator based mean and service allowing projects and ideas to come to life and succeed through collective work, sharing and carrying.

Makers & Bankers are means to allow projects for each person to succeed through collective work and sharing. Because if for one person, sharing one euro is very little, this euro could be a life-changer.

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