Why crowdsourcing is the future of employee engagement?

Crowdsourcing allows businesses to harness the power of technology to engage their employees in the very act of measurement itself. SOURCE LINK to the full article: http://www.kpmg.com/UK/en/services/Advisory/management-consulting/Pages/why-crowdsouring-is-the-future-of-employee-engagement.aspx     Posted by: www.makersbankers.com  

Crowdfunding: A business model to be questioned?

CROWDFUNDING IN FRANCE BUSINESS MODEL Crowdfunding became mainly known for the financing of innovative and artistic projects. But it existed before in the world of solidarity and charity, a well experienced segment of fundraising for the general public. Most platforms like KissKissBankBank, Ulule or My Major Company resumed this similar model by adding the Project’s […]

7 Ways to use Twitter for a successful crowdfunding campaign

The following is a post from Rochelle Ceira, a career consultant and executive director at Dissertation Avenue. Ceira writes in to discuss how to get the most out of Twitter — the ubiquitous and highly busy social media platform that has helped many crowdfunding campaigns reach their goals The success of your crowdfunding campaign is partly due […]

Manifesto for an altruistic finance

Altruistic Finance The financial crisis had at least one merit: Altering citizens’ perception of finance… as well as their economic behaviors. From now on, we understand that globalized banks do not meet the needs for transparency, proximity and customization of financial services anymore. Let us retain the lesson!   We need to reconcile the economy […]